Thoughts of re-opening blog~
Hey everyone! It's been a while~

Life has been pretty messed up since back in 2010 when i closed down the blog.

But things are getting better with many new friends made and shoots that I rarely get.

So with a more flexible job now, I plan to take some available time to get things done.

Like photos that are REALLY!! back dated.....

So once again I will be using this blog as my Photography Portfolio along side as my daily life blog.

Till then look forward to my updates real soon~~~ (^-^)/
Closing of Blog!!!
Yes its true~ >.<>So its time to close this Blog and OPEN ANOTHER ONE! LOL!

Yeah will be Moving to another Blog site~
Which I will link this one to it in the future.
Mean while everyone do keep in contact with me~

More to expect at the New Blog!
Activeness? XDDDDD
Oka really no time to do anything about the blog! So I am gonna slowly tear it down and maybe make a new one or totally reconstruct this one.

But who knows how long it will take.


Work is going no where as my pay gets LESSER!!!!

So for now guess what disappeared from the blog. LOL!
Rusty blog~~ >.< Revival in a few hours time.
Okay back to do some updating or maybe a full change~~ ^3^

But 1st sleep and to think of how to design this place up.

Oyasumi minna~~
Oka! This game is just gonna be too awesome for words so I am just gonna let the site show you just how awesome!! Its gonna be. XDDDDDD

click here (yes its with a virus, jkjkjk)
OSS Deck

Oka the video says it all, basically its been a while since I had a really fun deck like this so I decided to get my friends together to do this filming of the Deck Idea. ^^ Really had fun making it.

Used about as much knowledge I had about filming and card knowledge to produce this low budget film.
PSP Project Diva 2 is soooooo wanted to be loved~

The Video says it all HOMG!!!! CAN"T WAIT LA!!!! MAGNET IS IN THE GAME NOW!!!! Kya~~~